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The Most Fun You'll Have While Social Distancing
Greetings! I am Chantelle, and I do Virtual Adult Romance Sex Toy Parties (Spa Only Parties Available)! I hail from Lockport New York, but that doesn’t matter! We can set up a virtual adult romance party and invite ALL your friends no matter where you, they, or I reside! We’ll play games, have a lot of laughs, and I’ll show you and teach you the latest techniques and innovations of intimate pleasures. Let’s throw a party you and your friends will remember LONG after the batteries run out!

Shop, Shop, Shop Til You Drop!

Online Parties: It’s The New Normal (For Now). There are so many changes right now that are occurring. It’s going to be our new “version” of life for awhile now. There are tons of platforms that support video calls. Let’s use one of them to get you and your friends together and have some fun!

How it works

All you need is a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone to join in on the fun!

Set A Date

Contact Me and Let’s set up a date for your party. We will need to block out about 2 hours for the fun.


It doesn’t matter where on the globe your friends and family might live. They Can ALL log on and join the party!

Join The Party

At the designated time all your guests log on using their preferred device. We’ll send instructions in advanced.


I’ll describe, show, & demo the latest buzzz, lubes, toys, & joys! We’ll laugh, learn, play games, earn prizes, and shop!

Empowering The Art Of Intimacy

It’s Virtual Party Time!
Theme parties, Bachelorette, Couples, Co-ed, Ladies only, Boys will be Boys, Lingerie, Kinky, Spa Only. You name the event, we’ve got you covered. Leave your inhibitions at the door and explore with us all of the ways you and your lover can come together and connect.

I’ll Be Your Host!

Hello my name is Chantelle. Thank you for taking a minute out of your time to review my products, services and potential career opportunity. I am just a regular girl just like you. I am a mother, sister, daughter, friend, significant other to someone. The only difference is I have a passion for Passion so I studied it A LOT and continue to do so today. I had no idea what to do with all of my information because there really is not an established name for someone like me. I like to call myself a Sensuality Expert or better yet a master in the art of turn on. Enter "Intimate Tickles" where I have been given a platform to do what I love and share my knowledge with their amazing products in a way that allows me to make both money and a difference in the lives of countless sexually active adults in the WNY area.

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Invite Your Friends

Join The Party!

Sheltered In Place? Bring It One!

It’s The Perfect Time To Enhance The Romance!


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