Let’s Meet Online!

And Enhance The Romance

Hi! I’m Lea. Now I know it’s not the time to host an in home adult romance party right now. I know… we are always saying ANYTIME is a great time! But we can admit when we are wrong!

But just because we can’t come together doesn’t mean we can’t get together and have an awesome time – online!

Intimate Tickles

So Nice To Be Naughty

There are so many changes right now that are occurring. It’s going to be our new “version” of life for awhile now. There are tons of platforms that support video calls. Let’s use one of them to get you and your friends together and have some fun!

Let’s Get Virtual

Even in our virtual party, I will make sure to engage you and your guests in entertainment & prize filled games. Expect Laughter, witty banter, some education (yes, you will probably learn something new!), and a whole lot of fun!

Yes! There Will Be Games, Discounts, Prizes And More!

About Me

Hi. I am so excited that you took a couple minutes out of your busy day to visit me and see what we have to spice up your life. Take your time to browse all four of my websites and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me from any of any of them. Better yet throw a party so you can see and touch and learn about our quality products in person. I promise you and your friends will have sore cheeks from laughing and learn all my secrets on romance and health all in one night. I have been in the sex education business for ten years so I am here to personally assist you in picking out the best high quality products to suit your needs as well as educate and answer any questions you may have. As a Certified Intimacy Consultant, I am here for YOU. Thanks bunches for stopping by and remember I am only a click away.

From Anywhere In The World

Think about it. It’s almost better than an in-home party. Friends you may not have seen in years are now able to attend – because, well, they can live ANYWHERE in the U.S.A!

Just A Couple Of Intriguing Ideas…

The Family Reunion

Shake out that family tree (over 18’s of course) and plant them all in front of the computer. Bring everyone together (Virtually) from near and far!

The Water Cooler

Missing your work buddies? No problem. Let’s turn that PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone into the iconic water cooler! 

The Ladies Night In

Time to (virtually) hang out ladies. Take everyone’s minds off the news for a little while and check in on each other. Wine, Smiles, and Buzzz.

Let’s Meet Online

For A Virtual Good Time!

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I Will Be Your Virtual Host
Lalita Rati

And I Am Located In
Ludington MI